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Rescue for Christ Foundation (RfCF) International is incorporated in the United States of American (USA) as non-stock, non-profit corporation with headquarters based Delaware United States of America (USA) in April 2022 – incorporation number is 203346527.

The President of RCF is Madam Gladys Suale-Stanley (Economist) based in the Delaware, United States of America. RfCF is an independent non-governmental social development organization that focuses on Christian values and installs those values into vulnerable children, women and youths in Sierra Leone and elsewhere.

RfCF is committed to helping children, women, youths and other vulnerable groups that were gravely affected by the 11 years of senseless war in Sierra Leone.

OUR Vision

Our vision at Rescue for Christ Foundation is to create a world where every individual has access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare, and education, and where they can live with dignity and respect.


Rescue for Christ Foundation is committed to providing holistic support and care to vulnerable individuals, families, and communities affected by disasters, poverty, and social injustice.

Through our various programs and services we seek to empower and restore hope to those in need, and to make a positive impact on their lives and communities by increasing their literacy through reading. Giving them books like bible reading activities, gospel books, etc.to upsurge scripture knowledge and build stronger connection with GOD.

We aim to achieve this by partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals, and by leveraging our expertise, resources, and networks to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.


Work in partnership with local organizations in and out of the country/communities…

Engage in advocacy, community mobilization and sensitization

Engage people with different ideas and points of view to create opportunities for respectful dialogue on issues of importance to our communities.

We form, encourage, and support partnerships among individuals, neighbourhood and community stakeholders

Support organizations and projects representing the diversity of people, activities and organizations in the communities we serve.

Strive to continually improve our skills as grant makers, making a visible and lasting difference in our communities by funding projects that are balanced, flexible, creative and responsive.

As we create and grow permanent endowments, we will help our donors derive the maximum possible satisfaction from their giving by providing them with ongoing information regarding the Foundation and providing flexible giving options.

Evaluation of grants to improve our skills and knowledge and we will share key findings with our stakeholders.

Engage in practices that are open and accessible, fair and objective, flexible and timely as we work with grant seekers, donors, volunteers and others in the community.

Support regional endowments with all available resources and assist partner regions to, in turn, support their communities with perpetual community funding through the Foundation.


Be empathic
We put ourselves in the other person’s shoes; we take time to understand his/her/their lived experience

Be inclusive
We welcome diversity of voice, experiences and perspectives

Be leaders
We lead in the community leveraging our resources to benefit our charitable partners

Be trustworthy
We earn the trust of our donors, our community and charitable partners by being present, transparent and accessible

Partner With Us

Every one of us has a role to play in ending extreme poverty, which God calls us to do.
Support our work and change lives.
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