Free Medical Campaign Program


($200,000 for 2 years)

We strive to serve humanity by providing help and care to those in need. The foundation is dedicated to reaching out to the less privileged in society and offering them various forms of support, including medical assistance.

In line with our mission, the foundation has developed free medical campaign program. The idea behind this program is to create an opportunity for the underprivileged in society to access medical care services without worrying about the cost of treatment.

Free Medical Campaign Program

The free medical campaign program will be held on the 20th April 2023 and it’s open to all members of society. The program will be held at the Rescue for Christ Foundation headquarters, located in a central location to allow easy access to all parties interested in the services offered.

During this one-day event, the foundation will provide a range of medical services, such as general check-ups, eye, diabetes hypertension, blood sugar, and malaria check-ups, consultations, and the prescription of basic medications. The medical staff will consist of qualified doctors and nurses who will provide detailed attention to each patient.

The campaign program will be preceded by an awareness campaign. Social media and local radio stations will broadcast information to people, informing them of the program and urging them to attend. The foundation will also distribute flyers in various public areas to reach the less privileged members of society who may not have access to digital media.

Rescue for Christ Foundation also recognizes the need for a more holistic approach to healthcare. Therefore, the medical campaign program will partner with other organizations to provide health care services on healthy living and general wellness, including a session on healthy eating habits.

The free medical campaign program by Rescue for Christ Foundation aims to reach out to the community, advocating for health equity and access to medical care services. Our foundation is committed to empowering individuals by making healthcare services available to all, even those who cannot afford them.

On behalf of the foundation, we invite you to join us on the 20th of April 1st 2023 at the Rescue for Christ Foundation headquarters as we provide free medical services for our community. Let us work together to make healthcare services accessible to everyone regardless of their social and economic status

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